Cabalo's Orchard

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What Vegetables are Grown at Cabalo's Orchard?

All of the vegetables grown at Cabalo's Orchard are grown using organic practices. That means that we use only Organic Certified pest control, fertilization and weed control products. We made a choice to not certify our products as organic.  Fruit is our primary crop so our vegtable selection is limited but the vegetables we carry are delicious. Our pumpkin patch, Pickling Cucumbers and Green beans are the only vegetable crops available for u-pick.

Slicing Cucumbers:  We have regular green Slicing Cucumbers and Lemon Cucumbers.  Cucumbers are available from late July through the Frost.

Pickling Cucumbers:   Available for 5 weeks prior to Labor Day only.  Our pickling cucumbers are sized from baby gherkins, small dills, bread and butter all the way to Extra Large.  We pick every Monday, and Thursday.  Special Orders recommended.  Click this link to sign up for our Pickling Cucumber Extra's List

Eggplant:  Eggplants are available from August thru the frost.

Peppers:  We grow a large variety of sweet and hot peppers.  Peppers are available from August thru the frost.

Popcorn:  Though it is not really a vegtable it's more of a grain, We put it on this page any way just so you know we grow it. Click on the picture link to find out more.  Popcorn is harvested in November and December but once it is dried it is available year round.

Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lantern:  Not noted for eating, but the seeds are good roasted after you carve your Jack-O-Lantern.  We grow both large and small sizes.  Pumpkins are available in October.

Pumpkins, Fancy Pie:  We grow several varietys of edible, delicious pie pumpkins.  Pie pumpkins are available from October thru the end of the year.

Summer Squash:  Green zucchini, yellow crookneck and several colors of patty pan, picked at their small, gourmet size every few days.  There are always a few extra large zucchini for making zucchini bread.  Summer squash is available from July thru the frost.

Tomatoes:  We grow minimal quantities of canning tomatoes. We grow our favorite, beautiful heritage varieties of slicing and roma tomatoes.  Tomatoes are available from August until frost

Winter Squash:  We grow several varieties of winter squash.  We always allow our winter squash to get frosted in the field.  It makes them taste better.  So you will have to be patient and wait for Mother Nature to do her magic.  Winter squash are available from frost (early October) until about February, sometimes longer.

Green Beans:  We grow a beautiful variety of long strait green beans suitable for canning, freezing, french-cutting or packing whole for dilly beans.  Beans are available in August.  New for 2020- U/Pick will be available for Green Beans.