Cabalo's Orchard

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Kuna Gold Popcorn

1.25 lb - 2.5 lb bags


Calico Blend Popcorn

1.25 lb - 2.5 lb bags


Popcorn on the Cob


Locally Grown Popcorn

A few years ago Deb Vogel and I grew some popcorn just for fun.  It was delicious.  It also was a great novelty for our customers.  The next year we grew a bit more and toyed with bagging a bit of it.

As you might have guessed it turned out to be very popular.  I took over the heritage breeds and Deb concentrated on the yellow varieties.  During the fall we get it all harvested and dried, then I start removing it from the cob and making our blends.The new crop is usually ready by January.

We also found that selling our popcorn still on the cob is a very popular novelty item.

It is also available through:

Vogel Farms Country Market