Cabalo's Orchard

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KatieBee Honey

What is Raw Honey?
Honey that is bottled strait from the hive with absolutely no heat applied to it.

What is Local Honey?
Honey that is harvested within a 20 mile radius of where you live.

What are the benefits of eating Local Raw Honey?
When you eat honey that is harvested  within a 20 mile radius of where you live, the honey contains the same pollens that may be causing you to have allergies.  When you eat the honey on a daily basis your body can slowly build up immunities to these same allergens.

Honey that is still raw still contains the natural bacteria that help your body’s immune system to get stronger.

Raw honey has no burnt sugar taste at all.  Each season has its own unique flavor.

Our Honey is produced by Brian Wiggins of KatieBee Honey. I choose to carry his honey because I can trust that he will only sell us the best quality raw honey. KatieBee Honey is a local company from here in the Kuna area. You can also find his honey at Whole Foods, Rosaurs and the Boise Co-Op. Whenever Brian brings me new honey he tells me where it was harvested and what was the primary pollen the bees were eating. The bees spend the entire summer in the orchard and  many of Brian's other hives are all within 5 miles of here so you know you are really getting local honey!!  This year Brian has some hives in the Featherville area and those bees produce fireweed honey! Yum!