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We had a breeding pair of Pilgrim Geese.  Last year was the first year that they hatched a small flock.  The Male is White and the Female is Gray.  They laid twenty two eggs but only hatched four goslings.  We applaud their effort.  Next year they should be a little more successful.  It is, also, our intent to increase the breeding stock this spring.

This is not the first time we have raised geese.   Three years ago we purchased five Toulouse goslings . As they grew up they proved to be very aggressive. After they

chased many of our customers and took my granddaughter to the ground, I vowed to never have any more.  But the Pilgrim Geese that we have now are far less aggressive.  They may hiss at you but then they run away.

Our geese run free on our farm.  They are grazers and enjoy weeding my garden.  I only have to keep them out when my plants are small.  They enjoy swimming in the irrigation canal most of the day.


Goose is a much smaller bird than a turkey; this breed usually weighs in at just over 8 lbs.  The meat on a goose is a dark meat that reminds me of roast beef.  If you are interested in a goose, call early in the season because quantities are limited.  

Update for 2013 - Only one  this year, and the breeding pair was killed by a passing vehicle. The young goose has now befriended our milk goat and follows her everywhere she goes.