Cabalo's Orchard

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What Fruit is Grown at Cabalo's Orchard?

All of the fruit grown at Cabalo's Orchard is grown using organic practices.  That means that we use only Organic Certified pest control, fertilization and weed control products.  We made a choice to not certify our products as organic.  Our fruit is safe to eat right off the tree.  Some of our fruit is available for u-pick.  For a list of what is available today please check the "Update Section" on the Home Page or sign up for our weekly news letter.

APPLES:  We have a total of 12 varieties of apples.   Five varieties are fully mature and available; the other eight are young trees that are producing apples in the smaller quantities.  Apples are ripe from mid-August through October.

Apples will be available for u-pick. 

Sweet Cherries:  In the Spring of 2014 we put in 125 new Sweet Cherry trees.  They are planted on the tall spindle method and we hope to be able to open them for u-pick in the future. Sweet cherries are ripe from mid-June through early July. 

Cherries are not yet available for u-pick

Pie Cherries:  In the Spring of 2014 we planted 25 new Pie Cherry Trees.  We will have a limited harvest of the delicious tart cherries known as Pie Cherries.  Pie Cherries ripe in Late June.

Pie Cherries are not yet available for u-Pick.


Apricots:  We have 2 varieties of apricots.  They were planted in the spring of 2006 and finally produced their first apricots in 2010.  Apricots ripen in early to mid-July.

Apricots are not available for u-pick.

Blackberries:  We have a wonderful thornless variety of blackberries.  The original bush was planted over 30 years ago from a rooting given to Grandpa Jay by a friend.  We have been adding to our patch using cuttings from the mother plant for several years now. Blackberries ripen the last week in July and are usually available through-out August.

Blackberries are available for u-pick.


Pears:   We have four varieties of pears, including pickling pears. Our supplies are limited.  Pears ripen in late September and early October.

Pears are not available for u-pick.



Plums:  We have Simka Plums.  Plums ripen in August and September. Plums are not available for u-pick.


Italian Prunes:   Contrary to popular opinion prunes are not just dried plums.  Our Italian Prunes are meaty and delicious, and they ripen in September. Our 7 baby trees  are finally started producing a nice crop of fruit in 2015.

Prunes will be available for u-pick on one weekend this fall.

Melons:   We harvest a variety of melons, including some heritage varieties.  Some  varieties  change from year to year but they all start to ripen in September, August if the weather is just right.

Melons are not available for u-pick.