Cabalo's Orchard

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  1. Do you grow your produce organically?

    We use only certified organic componenants in our pest control and weed management.  We choose not to certify organic. So, we identify our products as pesticide free.

  2. Do you have a CSA?

    No, we no longer do a CSA. We have done them in the past but we find it difficult for a single farm of our size to provide enough variety. 

  3. How do I find out your prices? Do you list them online?

    We have a wide variety of produce. We also sell in a variety of package sizes. This makes a very detailed list.  Both the variety and prices change from year to year.  We don't want to have an incorrect price on the web page.  If you want to know any price just use the contact us page and send us an email.  You are also welcome to call.

  4. Do you accept EBT?

    I'm sorry but we do not accept EBT at this time. 

  5. Can you call me when something is available?

    I would like to say yes but with the vast number of calls we recieve you might get forgotten.  Sign up for my News Letter and You will be among the first to know what's ripe this week.

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