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Co-Operative Farming

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM


We love being an all natural farm that grows food with organic practices. We know that we cater to a smaller demographic group. That is part of what makes us unique. When we first started this venture we were invincible. We would say, Yes I can," to anything that our customers asked for. We even tried doing CSA's for a couple of years.

As time went on we started realizing that we were spread so thin that we were only able to do a mediocre job. We met other farmers going the all natural way, and we all had similar stories to tell.

Many years ago we started a joint venture with Vogel Farms in the greenhouse. That led to popcorn and turkeys. We found that when we shared the load we could accomplish so much more. Two years ago we had a "Short water year." We sat back and said, "What do we do the most of and how can we do it better. So we cut back on some varieties and concentrated on better managing our bigger crops.

All this leads to co-operative farming. When we meet a new farmer who is asking us to share our wisdom, one thing we can tell them is to do a few things well and let your neighbor do some other things well, together we can accomplish more.

Two years ago I met Katie Christensen and her Mom at the Kuna Farmers Market. They had beautiful Russet potatoes. They asked us if we would like to come get some and sell them at our farm stand. We said, "Yes." That year we learned that we had truly found our Niche market. Our Customers would say, "These are beautiful. Are they spray free?" To make a long story short I almost didn’t even make back what I spent on them.

So to my surprise a few weeks ago I got an email from Katie and she had grown a test plot of Spray Free Potatoes. She wanted to know if I would be interested in selling them for her. My answer is an emphatic YES!!! I welcome the Christensen’s and thank them for venturing into our eccentric little group of all natural farmers. I truly hope all of you out there will come and buy their potatoes. If they sell well, she will grow more next year.

We have Yukon Gold, Red, Blue and Purple Potatoes.  I had them for dinner last night and they were delicious!

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