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2014 A New Season!!

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 7:55 PM


After starting our new year with a traditional Irish meal for good luck, (Corned Beef and Cabbage) Debi and I started the annual seed order. We milled over catalogs and last year’s orders deciding what worked and what needed to change. After two days we had a beautiful selection of flowers and vegetable plants to start. We have decided to get bold on our colors and have added more untried flowers than usual. We are really excited to see the beginning of life in our seed start trays. We have many perennials this year. We love perennials but they do not always sell well because they tend to not bloom until the second year. So if you are a perennial lover make sure you ask "Where are your Perennials? I got an excited call from Debi the other day, "the seeds are here!!!" This morning I tied down the plastic to the internal miniature greenhouse we affectionately call the bubble and in a few days the first 9600 seeds will be planted and watered. I will then wait for the annual excited call from Debi, "There is GREEN!!!!!"

I don’t think I have mentioned her before but we have a milk Goat named Baaaaa-bara. Today we got a male named Billy. Hopefully we will have baby goats this June. We milk Baaaaa-bara for milk for our family and I make Cheese and Ice-cream for our family. We do not sell any goat milk or its products. Baaaaa-bara likes to show off for kids who come to the farm for field trips. If you come to the farm this summer you are welcome to visit her, too.


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